High Tech Generators

High Tech Generators

New Era Of Silent Generators.

Mining Applications

Generators / Lighting Towers / Engine Driven Welders
Reliability and minimal lifecycle cost is critical, quality counts when you operate in the harshest environments on the planet
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Rural Applications

Portable Generators / Pump & Irrigation

When Reliability Counts

Looking to power submersable pumps, irrigation systems or just need a portable power source around the paddock
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Hybrid Applications

Sustainable Green Solutions

The energy required is drawn from renewable sources (solar, micro-Aeolian and mini-Water), the generator works in auxiliary way.
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Emergency Backup Generators / ATS Panels

Reliable Emergency Power

Where power outage isn't an option don't be left in the dark during short or long term power outages
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Independent Power = Comfort

Genset for caravans, motorhomes and camping
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Hyper Silent Generators

Let Silence Surprice You

Special acoustic insulation patented by NED Generators (ITALY)
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