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The newly released hydraulic generators are lighter and smaller than ever, they can be up to 95% smaller than diesel generators with equivalent power. In addition to the smallest dimensions, the new models produce the best electricity quality due to automatic voltage regulator combined with automatic frequency control. 

DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator converts the hydraulic power of machines, vehicles and vessels into electricity. Dynaset provides hydraulic generators with a power range of 3.5 kVA – 350 kVA with outstanding reliability and the most compact size alongside with worldwide support.

 DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into electricity. HG Hydraulic Generators produce high quality electricity from 3,5 kVA up to 350 kVA for 50 or 60 Hz frequencies to power any electric appliance in mobile use.

Base Machines & Installation The world’s best power-to-size ratio guarantees easy installation on mobile machinery such as excavators, trucks, platform lifts, service vehicles. It can be fitted into any mobile hydraulic system and thanks to its compact size and lightweight, it is easy to install anywhere on the mobile machine. HG can also be located in confined space since there isn’t any space-consuming fuel tank or an exhaust pipe creating air pollution and heat. How It Works HG Hydraulic Generator produces high-quality electricity using the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. The HG is turned on by opening the hydraulic oil flow to it. Then the hydraulic system feeds the hydraulic oil flow to the  G’s hydraulic motor. The motor is integrated into the generator and when it starts the generator produces electricity immediately. HG is designed to handle fluctuating hydraulic oil flows to ensure continuous high-quality electricity. Productivity By installing HG Hydraulic Generator into a mobile machine it increases the vehicles productivity and net worth. HGs are compact, many times smaller than traditional generators. There is no more need for dragging big separate generators to the work sites, HG is always on aboard and ready for use. By installing the HG to the mobile machine the utilization rate of the machine increases and there is less need for multiple machines on the worksite. Clean technology All DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generators are eco-friendly. The hydraulic generator runs with the hydraulic power of a base machine instead of a diesel motor which is commonly used with traditional generators. Therefore, the hydraulic generator does not require any fuel and does not generate air pollution. Thanks to the DYNASET clean technology, there are fewer emissions and natural resources consuming equipment at worksites. The hydraulic generator is maintenance-free and doesn’t require transportation since it is integrated into the base machine.