High Tech Generators

Mobile Hydraulic Welding Generators


The DYNASET silent hydraulic motors bring better user
experience thanks to:
• Lower sound pressure level
• Lower frequency
• Pleasant sound structure
• Less mechanic friction
• Increased efficiency
• Lower operating temperature
• Better durability
Please note that the portable models of HWG are made with
different hydraulic motor.

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Hydraulic Welding Generators

DYNASET HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into welding current and
auxiliary electricity. HWG Hydraulic Welding Generators produce high quality welding current from 180 A up to 400 A.
HWG 180/220/300/400 units also provide auxiliary AC-power from 6 kVA up to 10 kVA.
Portable HWG models are the lightest hydraulic welders in the world weighting
only 17 kg (37.4 lbs.). They produce up to 250 A welding current and
provide DC electricity up to 2 kW.

Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits
• HWGs operate with a compact hydraulic motor
• HWGs generate high quality welding current 180 – 400 A
• AC power for other electric appliances available with HWG
180/220/300/400 models
• DC power available with portable HWG 200/250 models
• Automatic welding current control maintains continuous
• HWGs are a complete power station with overload protection
and residual current circuit breaker
• Lightest hydraulic welding generator in the world
• Increase mobile machines net worth
• Safety earth leakage relay
• Reliable and silent operation
• 3 or 5 pin sockets as standard
• Maintenance free with two-year warranty
• No extra engine, fuel tank or exhaust pipe
• Automatic voltage control maintains steady voltage
according to electric load
• Auxiliary fuse/socket box available
• High quality coil parts
• Easy installation
• Ecological